- Internships -

Tappi aim to stray away from the traditional internship model currently existing in the market. Although most internships are unpaid, we work with committed host companies that value the support an intern gives, as well as, boosting their internal business capital and social procurement strategy.

Service Offering

  • 12-week part-time placement

  • Development of candidate interpersonal skills and industry professionalism

  • Dedicated placement agent to support candidate learning pathway

  • Learning measurements throughout placement

  • Host company support

  • Candidate IKANs employability training


  • Accounting / Finance

  • IT / Development / Design

  • Data / Business Analytics

  • Marketing / Communications

  • Human Resources / Business

  • Legal

- Group Projects -

Tappi scope and develop business projects led by teams of student professionals following a project delivery framework.

Projects can be hosted onsite, within the Tappi offices or remotely via video conferencing software.

Service Offering

  • 6-12-week part-time projects

  • Support delivery of business projects

  • Dedicated placement agent, and in some cases, subject matter expert to work with the student team to support delivery

  • Host company support and project guidance

  • Increase entrepreneurial skills


  • Accounting / Finance

  • IT / Development / Design

  • Data / Business Analytics

  • Marketing / Communications

  • Human Resources

  • Business planning / Operations

- Recruitment -

Tappi believe high commissions shouldn't be the make or break for youth entering their chosen sector.

We offer fixed-fee budget-friendly recruitment solutions for business.

In some cases clients opt for a candidate scholarship for a short-term engagement with youth.


Service Offering

  • Dedicated recruitment agent

  • Scope role and market opportunity to database and new applicants

  • Screening, reference checks and interview scheduling

  • Document candidate communications and post-placement support services for host companies

  • 30-day replacement service^

  • Service payment on successful acceptance and placement of accepted candidate^

  • Servicing all sectors, skill levels and specialist roles

^ Terms and conditions apply

Why an Internship or Group Project?

Internships are an integral part of learning for any student currently studying or recently graduated from an education institution. In most cases the education system develops brilliant theoretical and research skills, however, the transition of these skills into the 'real-world' is generally behind industry standard, or not matching basic knowledge and practical requirements of industry.

'On-the-job' learning, be it internships or group projects, provide candidates with real-life skills, measurable outcomes, and knowledge of their sector, networks, skills and industry expectation. Furthermore, industry can easily access candidates through Tappi, knowing the candidates are prepared for the workforce, have dedicated support backing them through their placement and also assist with assessing placement learning outcomes and deliverables.

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