Why we exist

Tappi’s creation was based on identifying a gap in the Education sector between people in training and those in industry.

Originating in Victoria with our head office located in Melbourne CBD, an alarm was raised when we received feedback about the quality of skilled candidates coming out of the Education sector lacking both professional business acumen and any basic understanding of their chosen sector and required skills. The major concern identified is how a candidate conducts themselves in a workplace environment as they don’t possess the bare fundamental skills required to start building their careers and developing their professional business acument and interpersonal skills.

Essentially, they are unable to pivot their thinking from a 'student' mindset into a 'professional' mindset, which industry find costly and time consuming to change. 

After collating this feedback, we approached the Education sector to get a better understanding of their perceived barriers in the linkage of candidates to employment outcomes. The major problem appears to be that employers are approached by so many Colleges on a daily basis, all without a selection or matching process of candidate to the individual business sector. Therefore the skills-gap is widening between candidate and industry.


Businesses that have given a candidate an opportunity direct from a college, have a high failure rate , as they have to “on the spot” learn skills against their Unit of Competency with no employability training or skills to complement the learning they have gained through their studies. Effectively means industry are expected to train core skills, which in our ever increasing gig-economy is very costly and unrealistic.

About Tappi

Tappi (Finnish for Pivot) entered the market acknowledging the problem with an aim to work with the education sector in offering a multitude of recruitment and internship services to support candidate learning in the 'real world'.

Our Founders have come from various education institutions and recruitment, armed with knowledge from both industry and the thousands of candidates, understanding the hiring challenges businesses face, as well as, the career blockages youth experience when exiting their studies.

Our passion is being the bridge between industry and the candidates, supporting both through the trials hiring and engagement.

Reach out to us if you wish to explore internship, recruitment and group project options for talented young professionals seeking to build their careers in Australia.

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