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Tappi identified a gap in industry between graduates and employers.  Graduates had no professional workplace experience and employers were looking for employees to fill vacancies within their business that had previous work experience.  Tappi was created as conduit between graduates and industry to bridge the divide and educate both sides of the benefit of undertaking an Internship.   Tappi support, coach and mentor youth on how to conduct themselves in a work environment and also to be the 'voice' for students and graduates in Australia, ensuring their on-the-job learning is consistent with industry standards and workplace requirements.

Our drive and passion is to engage as many companies nationally and work with graduates in building their skills and knowledge towards professional business acumen.    

- Internships -

12-week part-time placements for candidates seeking first-hard learning experiences placed directly within industry.


Host companies mentor and supervise the candidates providing key skills often missed through traditional education.

- Group Projects -

Student-lead group-based projects offering candidates an intensive learning experience working in a team.

Projects follow a structured format and consist of scoping and discovery, as well as, implementation and roll-out.

- Recruitment -

Budget-friendly fixed-fee recruitment options for industry ensuring quality talented professionals.

Lower barrier to entry for candidates to enter the job market, as well as making recruitment fees fairer for small business.

The Tappi Difference

We strive to be different and separate ourselves from other internship placement agencies in Australia. Our skills and knowledge in the recruitment arena come from decades of successful placement solutions, years of experience and a real desire to change the landscape for candidates seeking industry exposure.

Candidates enrolling in the Tappi program are presented with a dedicated industry consultant who will guide them through the recruitment hurdles, employability skills as well as the following factors;

  • Dedicated placement consultant assisting the candidate with the placement structure, employability skills & expectations

  • Introduction to valid host companies and scheduling meetings and interviews

  • Environmental scan allowing the candidate to understand their sector from a global perspective

  • Assessment of industry trends, employment expectations and breaking into the market

"It was very helpful and insightful having been able to attain this internship through the help of Matt who was very supportive throughout the interview process. I highly recommend university students to reach out to TAPPI's team of incredible people who will provide you a major step in your career within the relevant industry."
- Pruthvic Patel - Mechanical Engineer



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